Lilja: Yeah, I cant wait to see what they have done with it. Do you know if all the story arcs are mapped out? Have you given them some guidelines to navigate by?

Stephen King: Yeah, I gave them some overall guidelines and I can tell you what it is basically. You know the story Wizard and Glass, Roland and his friends are basically kids. They have just gotten their first guns and they are sent away to this cattle area called Mejis and they have all these adventures and then they go back and Roland actually shoots his mother by mistake. Which is a spoiler I guess technically but anyone who doesnt know that hasnt read the stories anyway so The next time in chronological order we see Roland of Gilead is when he is in the desert chasing the Man in Black and all these years have gone by. We dont even know how many years but its a lot more than a normal mans lifespan and what I said when we sat down with Marvel was this is the area you wanna focus on, the young manhood of Roland and his friends with the overall story of The Crimson King and this guy who is working to overthrow all of civilization and they just took to that like ducks to water and started to build these arcs around that and I just thought it was terrific and after that I just kind of walked away from the project and I look at it and Im really sort of an outsider at this point and thats fine. I gave them my little railroad trains to play with and theyre doing their thing."

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